Workpackages & Delivrables


The scientific program is composed of three main phases:

  1. Analysis Inputs: The first phase consists in organizing the inputs (data, users and technical framework) for the project. Inputs will be used as an implementation base for the “Analysis methods” phase. (WPs 0 and 1)
  2.  Analysis methods: This phase provides the two scientific contributions of the project, on analysis methods based on VGI users and data. (WPs 2 and 3)
  3.  Analysis outputs: This phase will allow users to use the developed systems to analyse/visualize their data. (WPs 2 and 4)

Workpackage 0. Organize a group of citizen users.
Workpackage 1. Extract and uniformize data from the Biolovision and OAB databases, defining DBInput. It also will add new geovisualization methods to IA-SOLAP system.
Workpackage 2. Define DBOutput database with farmland biodiversity indicators issued from data of DBInput. These indicators will be calculated with new frequentist-bayesian statistical tools.
Workpackage 3. Defines and implements the participative SOLAP design methodology.
Workpackage 4. Implement the SOLAP analysis of biodiversity data: SOLAP1, SOLAP2 and SOLAP3 models for the analysis of data from DBOutput for various users.



The first delivrable of WP1 -volunteers analysis needs- is avaiable. Please contact for more information

The second delivrable of the WP1 -Spatial OLAP tool- is ongoing