Coordinateur: Irstea, TSCF, Clermont Ferrand

Responsable: Sandro Bimonte

The Technologies and Information Systems for Agricultural System (TSCF) research unit consists of 5 teams and a total of 70 agents across 3 sites: the Cézeaux University Science Center in Clermont Ferrrand (63), the Research and Experimentation Site in Montoldre (03) and the Irstea Center in Antony (92). The research unit uses the engineering sciences in addition to information and communication sciences and technologies to conduct research on methods and tools used to design agricultural environmental systems. It also
conducts research, tests and appraisals on the safety and performance of agricultural equipment to help improve safety in agriculture and reduce agricultural pollution. Thanks to its technological research, TSCF provides concrete solutions for eco-friendly, productive agriculture and environmental management.


  • Sandro Bimonte
  • Francois Pinet
  • Geraldine André
  • Lucile Sautot
  • Frederic Archaux
  • Firdaous El Guennouni (financé par CAP2025, Université Clermont)
  • Hifdi Yassine (financé par CAP2025, Université Clermont)


The IRIT (Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse – Toulouse Institute of Computer Science Research) represents one of the major potential of the French research in computer science, with a workforce of more than 600 members including 250 researchers and teachers 244 PhD students, 14 post-doc and researchers under contract and also 43 engineers and administrative employees.


  • Pascale Zaraté
  • Guy Camilleri
  • Amir Sakka (Doctorant 2018-2021)


The Centre d’Ecologie et des Sciences de la Conservation (CESCO, UMR 7204, MNHN) focuses on the ecological foundations of biodiversity management and conservation biology, mobilizing evolutionary, ecological and interdisciplinary approaches with social sciences (politics, management , psychology). All components of biodiversity are targeted, from rare and charismatic to common species. A large part of this research is based on data collected by volunteers in several biodiversity monitoring schemes managed by the CESCO team. As such, CESCO is the leading French research organization on biodiversity-oriented citizen sciences.


  • Benoit Fontaine
  • Romain Juillard
  • Emmanuelle Porcher
  • Rose-Line Preud’homme
  • Karine Princé
  • Ali Hassan (Ing. 2018)
  • Iandry RAKOTONIAINA (Ing. 2018-2019)


LPO Aquitaine is a local NGO, dedicated to preserving biodiversity. We are working on three axes: Knowledge and expertise, Protection of species and habitats, and Valorization of the action towards all publics. In particular, LPO AQUITAINE strives to explore the field of participatory sciences through collaborative web tools and to collaborate with research laboratories (MNHN, INRA, CNRS, etc.). We wish to go further and further in the association of citizens, and the scentific valorisation of the data they produce.


  • Laurent Couzi
  • Aurélien Besnard


GEOSYSTEMS France SARL is a private company created in 2006 by Patrice Lemire with the purpose: to provide a quality and proximity technological response to the geomatic and non geomatic communities, more particularly to users who are looking for solutions to acquire, measure, analyze, and present geospatial data for informed decision making. GEOSYSTEMS France offers the best solutions to accompany clients on all stages of the geospatial data life cycle: (1) HEXAGON GEOSPATIAL software such as ERDAS IMAGINE for imagery processing, ERDAS APOLLO for big data cataloguing and publishing, Smart M.Apps for cloud web mapping and processing and other software including mobile applications and Web GIS solutions; (2) eCognition solutions dedicated to the interpretation of images at any scale; (3) LP360 for ArcGIS, an extension for LIDAR data users in an ArcGIS environment; (4) Leica Geosystems mobile GNSS GPS for GIS; (5) and more recently a complete offer for DRONES workflows.


  • Elodie Edoh-Alove
  • Patrice Lemire